The Art Ground


The Artground

지난 10년을 통해 한국과 아시아를 대표하는 다큐멘터리 축제로 성장한 DMZ국제다큐멘터리영화제는 향후 비전과 방향을 상영작품과 프로그램 행사들을 통해 더욱 분명하게 제시한다. 전반적으로 한국영화와 아시아영화의 편수가 비약적으로 증가했고, 국제경쟁과 아시아경쟁뿐만 아니라 글로벌 비전과 쇼케이스를 통해 소개되는 아시아 작품의 편수와 수준이 상당히 높아졌다.

The ‘Artground’ was established with the philosophy of keeping children smile through arts’ is ‘creative art academy’. This organization consists of four areas: classical music, fine arts, modern dance, and flower art.

Artground branding is aimed at visualizing the concept ‘arts become daily life, which also becomes arts’. 

The overall visuality of Artground was designed with the motif of the reestablishment of its role as a playground and of education children’s role as a player. The units of curriculum, modules, and tracks were systemized in the design. 

The typograph logo was designed with the motif of a playground track, and then the design was expanded to icons and main elements.

Date : 2019.10
Client : The Artground